I'm Esme.

An avid: Reader. Feminist. Illustrator. Debater. Tea-drinker. I’m 27 and teeny tiny (5 foot 1), a former nail biter and a Gemini – not the Ted Bundy kind, the spontaneous say yes to fun kind. I was born in London but raised in Cornwall, so grew up on the sea, salty hair, overpriced fish n’ chips and hungry seagulls.

I live for drawing, painting and doodling, most notably commissions as instructed by my 7 year old cousin who is paradoxically obsessed with all things war, weaponry and peace on earth, and who is my biggest (and smallest) champion and cheerleader.

I drink tea to cure hangovers, listen to true crime podcasts while I work and secretly keep up with the Kardashians. I studied Politics to get better at arguing, then moved to Holland to complete a Masters in Gender Studies to get better at arguing specifically about feminism. I biked around the whole of Holland sans helmet, sank half pints of strong beer, put glitter on my tits and ate my weight in Asian Streetfood for two years before packing up and moving to London. 

Fighting injustice is my purpose and passion. I thrive on communicating large abstract concepts in simple and accessible ways through drawing, talking and my instagram stories. I am still trying to reconcile my love of misogynistic rap with my fierce feminist values. 

Travelling is when I am most at peace and happy, exploring new things and meeting new people gives me life and energy! 

Currently reading: Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller.